Back in June, Matt, Kylie, Jimmy and I went on a “Mini” vacation up to Portland Maine. It was a chance to get out of town and try some new adventures. We had never gone away to a hotel with the dogs. Of course, traveling with dogs created the need to find dog friendly dining since we couldn’t leave the pups alone at the room. A quick search on and we got a quick list of local restaurants that allow dogs.

The Flatbread Co. is right along the the pier. A walk around brings you to the back patio dining, Dog Friendly!:)

We had a great view for our meal.

Jimmy spent most of his time hiding out under the table.

Kylie was keeping close.

We watched the boats going in and out while we waited for our food. We went on the later side, around 8:00pm and the deck area was pretty much empty- only one other couple who was finishing up. Our waitress was very slow/distracted but just kept apologizing when she did come out. She knew her menu but didn’t really listen when we said we already knew what we wanted and was kinda pushy. I had tucked my dogs on the far side of the long picnic table and I cautioned her the first time she came over that she shouldnt come to that side of the table… One of my dogs, Kylie, doesn’t like strangers. The very next time she walked out with our drinks she walked up behind my dog and basically stepped on her. My dog reacted only by barking but it’s frustrating since I had JUST said that she doesn’t like strangers. We were cold by the end of our meal and she still stood there trying to talk us into dessert. She forgot 2 times to bring our check out- again, cold and dark out now! The food was ok, not a huge fan of that kind of pizza.

If in Portland, ME and looking for a dog friendly place to grab a drink, you can check out the Flatbread Co.

72 Commercial Street
Old Port
Portland, ME, US 04101
(207) 772-8777

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– Ali