Personally I love to bake… the problem is, I also love to eat what I bake. So making 2 dozen cookies seems like a good idea, but then Matt and I end up eating them all in just a couple days. Not so good for my ever growing waistline.

So, what to do when that urge to bake hits? Whip up some Pupcakes for the dogs!

First, here are all the things you will need. It just so happened we had them all laying around the kitchen!

You have to shred the carrots and mash the bananas! This will leave your kitchen smelling great! And I’m sure by now if your pups are anything like Kylie, they will be right at your side!

(I mashed the banana after the picture. I think we can all agree that mashed banana isn’t as appealing in a photograph…)

Then you mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another bowl like so:

The next step is you have to mix the wet stuff into the dry stuff real carefully.
(There are no pictures to this step because I wasn’t exactly careful and well, learn from my mistake, mix slowly! Haha!)

In the end, it should look like this!

yummmm- can you smell it?? Kylie was just BEGGING to get a lick in!

I can’t really blame her, it smells delish!!

Now, how to bake them? In the past we have done ‘cakes’ but this time we scooped them into the pupcake tin. Matt has tins that he loves- but they are GIGANTIC and the dogs can’t have a treat that big or else I will be paying the price later… if you know what I mean. So I went and dug around in the attic until I found these,

They are  perfect size! You might even be able to give your pooch 2 or 3 when they are that small!!

Into the oven you go little ones!

Now the hard part, the waiting…

I took the quick and easy way out for the ‘frosting’ and picked up some Whipped Cream Cheese and slapped a little on the top of each.

These were a huge hit with my pups and all the pups in the neighborhood!  What do you like to make for you or your dogs??

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– Ali